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Artisan Acoustic Tannoy Editions

Artisan Acoustic’s Tannoy Editions present a convincing performance with any genre from intimate acoustic to loud rock or full-scale orchestral. Performance gains have been made over original designs at reasonable cost. Quality construction and components including copper foil inductors are utilised.

Artisan’s crossover redesign is based on measured driver parameters rather than relying on unreliable published specs or theoretical models. Improvements over the original include minimal phase shift and a level impedance for easy amplifier matching. Cabinetry is internally braced, featuring a 54mm front baffle, the third layer crafted from solid bamboo. Mirrored front ports allow for in-room tuning. Driver wiring is from Artisan Acoustic’s combination heavy solid-core litz of pure continuous cast copper.
High-end speaker systems with body and soul.

PRICE: from NZD $6500 - in stock
Tannoy Vintage drivers
Vintage Tannoy Artisan Acoustic Tannoy Monitor Gold 15” Artisan Acoustic Tannoy DMT 15"        
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