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Artisan Acoustic Tannoy DMT 15"
Artisan Acoustic builds on Tannoy’s under-appreciated development in coaxial design - the 97dB professional studio 15” tulip waveguide driver. It enabled a seamless match in efficiency and response between high and low frequencies but could be fatiguing compared to Tannoy’s earlier coaxial drivers.

Artisan Acoustic adresses the problems and updates on it’s capabilities, resulting in a compelling combination of virtues

• effortless flow, as heard with live music
• fatigue-free dynamics at any volume
• great resolution down to low levels
• realistic scale and great off-axis imaging
• room-friendly controlled directivity waveguide
• extended high frequency performance and quality
• amplifier-friendly load

PRICE: from NZD $6500 - in stock
Artisan Acoustic Tannoy DMT 15"
Vintage Tannoy Artisan Acoustic Tannoy Monitor Gold 15” Artisan Acoustic Tannoy DMT 15"        
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